Our leadership coaching practice is geared towards work with:

• Individuals who want to develop their teaming and leadership capabilities
• Individuals who are struggling with any aspect of their teaming or leadership responsibilities
• Individuals who want to strengthen their platform for spreading their message, their mission, and to cultivate more diversity in their teams
• Management teams who want to develop different interaction patterns and tools to address conflict or inefficiency
• Management teams who want to create a bonding experience by co-creating an offsite or retreat with customized programming and activities to create better relationships
• C-Suite executives, mid-level executives, CEOs, or senior management teams who want to work on their teaming and leadership platform broadly and maximize its impact
• C-Suite or mid-level executives who are feeling blocked in their upward mobility and achieving their professional goals
• CEOs and leaders who want to maximize their message and their mission and create more diverse and impactful teams


Here are some leadership coaching services we offer:
• Identifying you as a leader
• What makes you “sticky” as a leader in your business
• What is your unique brand
• Clarifying your mission as a leader
• Developing your leadership strategy
• Managing difficult decisions and conversations strategy
• Developing your forward career plan
• Integrating your values into your job strategy
• Maximizing your worth strategy (compensation, job content alignment, visibility, recognition)
• Developing the talent around you and securing a pipeline of good people around you.
• Embracing and cultivating diversity at work and on your team
• Other leadership issues or challenges you would like support on
• Work life balance

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